Fireman's Memorial 2015

Will Wiita                                                                                                           Mike Jackson



ANR TransCanada Donates $5000.00 to Department


Heavy rescue received June of 2007



New Heavy Rescue being built



Mancealona water ball war


Great Lakes Energy Training



June 2006 North Flight EMS helo training



June and July extrication training 2006



Dry Hydrants training summer of 2006 Firefighters and Explorers


2006 Trout Festival




Boy Scout Visited the fire department  10/17/05




Fire training 03/15/05


And so it begins

Cooling it down

Full burn

Now what do i do

Run Boys

Firemen in the mist

I think we should get off

Hey put out that fire

Its going now

our photographer

Chatting with the neighbors 

Who's got the hot dogs

What's left

Water shuttle

Break time

About done

Well it happen like this


Fire Rescue training 03/07/05    

The Masterminds

Coffee and Donuts

Game Plan Set

How we gona do this

Setting the Plan

Trucks Enroute

More Trucks

Rescue Opps

Is it burning yet

Talking with his hands again

Just Command

Make her run well deliver here

Last Victim out

On-Scene Review

To the Rescue

He's soooo Sick

How come I have two left hands

Prepping the Rookie

Checking in with command


Just us Guys

The gangs all here

Future Officers
More to come


Spring Cleanup (even though spring has not arrived yet) 02/20/05

Probies at there best

Thumbs UP Dude

I think were stuck

I moving out


Man I just cant hitch a ride from here

2 bosses 2 workers


Getting rid of the evidence
Arrival of out new Snowbulance 02/09-2005    


Christmas and New Years Eve Partys

Tim and Sue

And the turkey is ready

Doesn't she look Happy


Good Food

The Golden Trashcan Award

The Gift Game

Back draft

Sorry No Winners

It all about the kids

More Kids More Gifts

The Gang

NY Getting Set Up

Chatting and cards

Hunt, Fish, Camp game

The Next Generation

Future Firefighters & EMT

A Final Goodbye to 2004

Visit From Kalkaska EMS


Yep that's our Chief

Open your Eyes Dino

Its a Ambulance
No its a fire truck
uh un its a Ambulance

Checking out a new rig

My daddy used to do this

Train, Train, Train
is that all we do

Training Fire


The Fire starters

Ok so they got it going

Who's got the Hot dogs

Time for some water

Getting on the Pack

What YA doing Phil


2003 Trout Festival


Kids Checking Us out

Walking the Parade

Passing Candy

Someone Got Lazy

Kids Learning Safety

Visiting with Kids
Just Plain Fun          

Kid locked in the Toilet

Someone got even

Story Time