Imagine this scenario (for the fire or EMS response)  
Its 2:00 am and you need an ambulance, and you call 911, you know the fire department is 5 miles away and its been 15 minuets from the time you called.  Your thinking where is my help   The answer:    Your help is sitting out on your road looking for your house
First and most important post your house address where it can be seen from the street the county has street number signs available
Second when you call for fire or EMS turn on your outside lighting (day or night)If you have another person that can help send them to the end of your driveway if your house or area is away from the road
    Fire Information      
Check your smoke alarms monthly
Replace the batteries annually
If you have a fire            
First and most important is make sure everyone is out of the house
Second call for help 911 use a cell phone or neighbors or take a portable with you
Once you are out of the house, Stay Out