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Cemetery     Office Hours: Mondays and Thursdays 9:00 a.m. till 12:00 p.m.
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C/O Gayenell Gentelia, Clerk

Gayenell Gentelia, Clerk    
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  9/17/2020 Paid Unpaid Taxes Updated      
  9/15/2020 Open Position for Trustee filled by Rick Delaney    
  9/15/2020 Township Board Meeting Minutes - 08-10    
  9/15/2020 Township Board Special Meeting Minutes - 08-17    
  9/15/2020 Board Meeting Agenda Updated 9/14/2020    
9/12/2020 Agenda 2020 P&J And Sleepy Hollow 1st Public Hearing 09-14-2020
  9/12/2020 Board Meeting Notice        
  9/12/2020 Township Board Meeting Agenda      
  9/10/2020 Paid Unpaid Taxes Updated        
  9/8/2020 Notice of Public Hearing for Special Assessment District Public Act 188 of 1954, As Amended
8/27/2020 Paid Unpaid Taxes Updated
  8/13/2020 July Board meeting Minutes        
  8/13/2020 Township Board Meeting Agenda Updated      
  8/13/2020 Board Meeting Notice Updated      
  8/9/2020 Township Board Meeting Agenda        
  8/9/2020 Board Meeting Notice        
  8/3/2020 Paid Unpaid Taxes Updated        
  7/20/2020 Paid Unpaid Taxes Updated        
  7/15/2020 June Board meeting Minutes      
  7/15/2020 May Board meeting Minutes      
  7/10/2020 Board Meeting Notice 7/13/2020 updated      
  7/10/2020 Board of Review 7/20/20 updated      
  6/19/2020 Coldsprings Township Trustee position open      
6/11/2020 May 2020 Minutes
  6/7/2020 Township Board Meeting Agenda      
  6/7/2020 Township Board Meeting Notice        
  5/12/2020 April 2020 Minutes      
  5/11/2020 Township Board Meeting Agenda update      
  5/9/2010 Township Board Meeting Agenda      
  5/7/2020 Regular Township Board Meeting UPDATE  
  4/14/2020 March Meeting Minutes added          
  4/6/2020 Coldsprings Township Meeting for April 13 2020 Zoom      


  3/27/2020 A Message from Area Waste        
  3/25/2020 April Meeting Cancled Notice        
3/11/2020 February 2020 Minutes
  3/11/2020 2020 - 2021 Budget Hearing Meeting Minutes      
  3/2/2020 Paid Unpaid Taxes Updated Summer Winter      
  3/2/2020 Township Newsletter          
  2/22/2020 Paid Unpaid Taxes Updated Summer Winter      
  2/14/2020 Paid Unpaid Taxes Updated Summer Winter      
  2/11/2020 2020 Regular Meeting dates          
  2/11/2020 January 2020 Minutes          
  2/11/2020 Real ID Suggested Post          
  2/11/2020 Real ID Short Article          
  1/31/2020 Paid Unpaid Taxes Updated Summer Winter      
  1/18/2020 Paid un paid taxes updated          
1/14/2020 December Minutes added
  12/31/2019 Paid un paid taxes updated        
  11/15/2019 Paid un paid taxes updated        
  11/13/2019  Notice of the Board of Review        
  11/13/2019   Minutes Updated        
  11/13/2019    Marihuana Oderance added        
  11/13/2019   Paid un paid taxes updated        
  9/16/19 Paid and unpaid tax list updated    
  8/8/2019 New Assessor added
  8/1/2019 Paid un paid taxes updated
  2/21/19 Special Notice Date 1/1/2019 there was an error in the printing of the 2019 Large item garbage tags they were printed with the year date 2018. The new 2019 tags are RED but are dated 2018. Last years 2018 tags were BLUE. the RED tags with the 2018 date are valid for 2019
  2/13/19 2019 News Letter         
    Paid and unpaid tax list updated Summer Taxes  SEP 16, 2019    
  2/13/19    Winter Taxes      
  1/1/2019  Internet at Sands Park   User Name: COLDSPRINGS and the password is coldsp4452
  6/1/2018 Property Look up   https://accessmygov.com/?uid=1346
1/1/2018 Public Summary of the Freedom of Information Act